Saudi women to drive first batch of 32 women ready bullet train after first test training between Makkah and Madinah

Saudi women will run the bullet train! Prime Minister and Crown Prince of the Islamic country of Saudi Arabia. Another dream of Bin Salman is coming true. Under his Vision 2030, women there can now be seen driving the bullet train. Notably, only 4 years ago women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Sharing its video on social media, Saudi Arabian Railways said that now women will also drive bullet trains.

In fact, the first batch of 32 women have completed their training in Saudi Arabia. Soon all of them will be seen riding bullet trains from Makkah to Madinah at high speed. In the video, the female drivers were accompanied by their male colleagues. Railways released this video on the first day of the new year.

What did the female driver say?

A lady driver said that we are very happy to be a part of this project. He further said, we are proud to get this opportunity. All the women in this batch will drive trains on the high speed line which is about 453 km long. Currently, women have played a very important role in strengthening the Saudi economy. Let us tell you that women were not allowed to drive till 2018.

Had a dream in 2016

The Saudi prince had a dream in 2016. His dream was to reduce the oil dependence of the Saudi economy. She has managed many projects where the role of women is very important. Apart from government offices, women are now working tirelessly in the private sector as well. In 2022, there was a vacancy for only 30 women drivers, later increased to 32.

The number of working women has increased in 4 years

Last year, for the first time in Saudi Arabia, women took part in the camel race at the ‘Ships of the Desert’. The competition organized in Riyadh carried a prize of crores of rupees. Around 40 women participated in this event. While only 20 percent of women worked in 2018, this figure will rise to 33 percent in 2023.

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