Ncrtc rrts on 17 km patch from Sahibabad to Dubai to start operations in March releases check list of stations

New Delhi. Mini bullet train for Delhi-NCR residents soon (Mini Bullet Train on Delhi-NCR) About receiving gifts. Preparations for this have started. Rapid rail transit system can reach Delhi from Meerut in just 50 minutes (RTS) Its activities are likely to start before Holi. Currently, this train will run only in Uttar Pradesh and will have a maximum speed of 180 km per hour. Initially it will be run on a 17 km patch between Sahibad and Dubai. Notably, the speed of the Rapid Rail Transit System is at par with that of India. For this, machines are being installed at stations for fare information.

Fares at Rapid Rail stations will be charged as in Metro That is, you have to cross the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gate by card or token. Passengers will have the option to choose the fare mode. He can generate QR code by booking tickets online. Also, like Metro Card, there will be an option to choose between National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) or paper ticket. He can buy digital tickets from NCRTC’s mobile app. Passengers can purchase NCMC cards from metro stations, banks or transport outlets.

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How much will the rent be?
No official announcement has been made about the fare yet. However, the rapid rail fare is estimated to be Rs 2 per km. That is, for a patch of 17 km, the start-to-finish fare may be Rs.34. Meerut to Delhi high speed rail route is 82 km. According to this, Delhi-Meerut fast train fare can be Rs.164. Currently, in the first phase, the fast rail will start from Sahibad and reach Dubai via Ghaziabad and Guldar.

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The journey will increase till the end of the year
It is expected that by the end of the year, the fast rail will start covering a distance of up to 40 km. 30 fast trains will run on this route. But only 13 trains will be started in the first phase. The train will reach Delhi from Meerut in just 50 minutes. This train has facilities like automatic doors, integrated AC system, storage, separate coach for women, WiFi, USB charging port and CCTV.

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