High speed train will run at 200 speed, hourly journey will now be in minutes, know updates

agile Union Minister MP Rao Indrajit Singh said that the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the construction of an elevated corridor for trains between Delhi-Jupar will be sent to the Ministry of Railways and once permission is given, further work can begin. Year.. Elevated rail corridors will also be constructed between Delhi-Jaipur, Delhi-Amritsar (via Chandigarh), Mumbai-Pune and Bengaluru-Chennai. According to reports, the elevated corridor will cost Rs 150-160 crore per kilometer of rail line. Incidentally, the Ministry of Railways has approved its preliminary concept. If this track is built, Delhi-Jupar or Chandigarh can be reached in just 2 hours.

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The train will run at speed

As normal passenger trains and freight trains will not run on elevated corridors. So there will be no problem of traffic jam. In view of this, the rail tracks of the elevated corridor will be made of such capacity that it can carry the load of trains running at 200-220 speed. No separate trains will be designed for this, rather the existing Bande Bharati will be upgraded to run at speeds of 200-220 kmph.

There is no shortage of space

According to reports, a railway official said that there is enough space to build the corridor, so it is possible to build it. He said that currently, long distance passenger trains, freight trains and local trains run on the same track, due to which the problem arises. He said that once the elevated corridor is built, the trains that can run on it will be separated. Rao Indrajit Singh said that the Gurugram railway station will be redesigned for this. After the success of Vande Bharat, people are demanding semi-high speed trains for medium distances, the Ministry of Railways may go ahead with this project.

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