Gujarat railway station Surat signboard has created a stir on Twitter

Allegedly, there has been a commotion over the installation of such a signboard at this railway station in Gujarat

Question on Surat railway station signboard.

New Delhi:

Indian Railways is part of the needs of billions of common people of the country. A common citizen moves from one place to another using the services of railways. Railway network is also increasing day by day and special attention is being given to facilities. New trains and new design trains have started running in the country. Preparations for the bullet train are underway. Many stations are being revived. Stations equipped with new facilities are being prepared.

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One more such station has been prepared. It is Surat Railway Station in Gujarat. A lot of new work has been done here as well. A tweet on Twitter claims that a train signboard has been put up at the station. Above this signboard is a small board. This board has Jai Shri Ram written on it and is running with lights. Apart from this, some other topics related to Hinduism are going on in this board in Sanskrit. Like a slogan, a name, Jai Sri Ram, Dharma Rakshti Rakshit: is written. This board is installed before entering the platform.

Now some have taken to Twitter to object to this. They said that the country is secular and the constitution works in the country. Tweets against the tweets of some such people have also started. In this situation, the people have to say, there are hundreds of platform tombs in the country which should be removed. Along with this, people also shared pictures of people praying at railway stations and tracks. Some say it was placed outside the station and was written at the behest of the advertiser. It has nothing to do with railways. Some people are also registering objections to prayer spaces at airports (which are not provided at airports). Some have also raised the issue of praying on the streets. Some also say that no matter what happens, the people of the country must live with mutual understanding and harmony so that the country can move forward on the path of progress. (Tweeted)

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