Bullet train will first run in Rajasthan’s Phulera city with special test track, full swing high speed train will run at 220 km per hour

Jaipur. Preparation of bullet train is going on all over the country. First there are plans to run high speed trains between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. A special track is being laid for this. There are also plans to run bullet trains in other parts of the country. A few routes have also been surveyed for this. All this is big news for Rajasthan. Whichever route the bullet train takes, it will run in Rajasthan first. Yes! Don’t be surprised. You heard right. The high speed train will first run in Rajasthan. It will be launched in other locations soon after.

In fact, a test track for high speed trains is being built in Rajasthan’s capital Phulera. Bullet trains will be tested here. Indian Railways will soon get new tracks suitable for running bullet trains. The work of laying new track at Phulera is progressing rapidly. This track is being laid between Gudha and Tahana Mithri stations of North Western Railway. This station comes under Jodhpur Railway Division. Work is underway to lay special tracks for bullet trains near the famous Sambhar Lake. The Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) intends to develop a track capable of running trains at a speed of 220 km per hour under the second phase.

Bullet Train: 7 Districts of Rajasthan, 9 Stations, Distance 657 KM, Bullet Train will run at Bullet Speed

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Target to lay special track by year-end
Track capacity, bridges, rolling stock, signal system, traction etc. will be tested through the test track. Construction of some parts of the high-speed train track has been completed. A target has been set to complete the construction of this special track by the end of this year. We tell you that there are plans to run bullet trains on Mumbai-Ahmedabad as well as other rail lines. Indian Railways is planning to connect every major commercial part of the country with bullet train or high speed rail network.

The estimated cost is Rs 820 crore
Laying of special tracks for high-speed trains is in progress. 25 km long rail line will be laid for high speed trains. It is targeted for completion by December 2023. National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) was created for high speed trains. NHSRCL only looks after all the work related to it.

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